Mission and Vision

The mission of the Keewatin Elementary school counseling program is to provide all students with comprehensive school counseling services centered around innovative and exemplary educational practices. In a caring learning partnership with parents, teachers, and the community, the school counselor will use data-driven methods to encourage students to adopt the developmental knowledge, skills, and critical thinking abilities needed to succeed in academic, career, and social-emotional domains and achieve their full potential in a global society.

My vision for our students is that they feel welcome, safe, and cared about at school and are exposed to high quality education that prepares them to be successful, positive, and responsible members of a global society. The delivery of the comprehensive school counseling program, aided by strategic partnerships between the school, families, and community, supports all students’ developmental growth, ensures all students are ready to transition into secondary-level educational environments, and facilitates all students’ ability to achieve their individual full potential!