Counseling Services

The counseling program at Keewatin Elementary was developed to align closely with guidelines from the American School Counseling Association, the state of Minnesota, and the Nashwauk-Keewatin school district. For more information, click on the Helpful Links tab.

Counseling services available to your child include:

  • Monthly Guidance Lessons
    • I give lessons in each classroom at least once a month to promote student growth in the areas of academic, career, and social-emotional development.
    • Check the sidebar for the full list of topics that will be covered this year!
  • Group Counseling
    • I conduct several groups throughout the year for students that may need extra help building skills or dealing with tough events in their lives.
    • Groups typically last 6-8 weeks and are held once a week during recess. Parent permission is required.
    • Examples of groups:
      • FIT/FISH (Families in Transition/Families in Separate Homes)- Helping students with family changes
      • Personal Space Camp- Helping student with self-control
      • Cope Camp- Helping students cope with powerful emotions
      • Girls Group- Helping girls with self-esteem and peer relationships
      • GLOW (Grief, Loss, or Worry)- Helping students dealing with the loss or potential loss of a loved one
    • All groups may not run every year, and are not set in stone. New ideas for groups are always welcome!
  • Individual Counseling
    • All students are welcome to see the counselor at any time for help with personal issues.
    • Parent permission required for students that may benefit from regular sessions.