Meet Our Spartan Leaders!

This year, 6th graders that have elected not to join band have the opportunity to participate in a new group run by me called the Spartan Leaders! Each week on Thursdays and Fridays the Spartan Leaders hone their leadership skills by engaging in leadership activities throughout the school. Our first big project was creating skits to demonstrate recess expectations to kindergarten through 4th graders. The Spartan Leaders formed 3 groups and showed their fellow students how to act safely, respectfully, and responsibly on the playground!

Currently, Spartan Leaders are acting as reading buddies for 1st and 2nd grade students. Soon I will be asking for their help in encouraging Keewatin students to say NO to bullying, as October is National Bullying Prevention Month! Keep checking back for more updates on Spartan Leaders’ activities!

Our Spartan Leaders are:

Juan Dominguez                                                                Daniel Clusiau
Chyanna Gettig                                                                  Marcus Drinkwine
Connor Green                                                                     Adeline Gangl
Alexis Hammer                                                                  AnnaBelle Hanson
Rieghley Howard                                                               Aden Manley-Springer
Avigail Hoy                                                                          Marcus Moore
Tristin Johnson                                                                   Conner Perryman
Shien Oswald                                                                       Hunter Svaleson
Zachary Shofner                                                                 Easton Thronson
Noah Warmuth                                                                   Daylan White
Kyra Williams                                                                      Ty Nelson
Logan Chambers-Lippincott


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